• Walter Reissman Has Advises Clients on Many Investments

  • Posted on June 23, 2020
  • Walter Reissman

    Over a successful business career that has stretched for more than three decades by now, Walter Reissman has worked with many influential and prestigious companies, which means he has managed to develop a great many business resources. This is , especially true when it comes to areas like engineering, programming, accounting and many additional technical specialties. He is known primarily as an investor, but also as a successful"serial entrepreneur."

    At various times during his career, Walter Reissman has served in a variety of functions with numerous companies, including as a founder, an advisor, a banker or trader, as well as a simple investor. His wide range of his experience has provided Walter Reissman with a unique perspective on the challenges and the issues facing the investment banking industry. That perspective is seen as very valuable. Walter also has had a lot of success in providing advisory services for clients. Walter also is an acknowledged expert on issues faced by start-ups and microcap companies.

    Walter Reissman has been an active participant in investments of tens of millions of dollars in corporate finance transactions, Those typed of transactions have included private placements, reverse mergers, mergers & acquisitions and IPOs. He has previously worked and invested all over the world, including China, Israel, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Panama, as well as the United States. For decades, Walter has served as a principal with Marketwise Trading, which is a firm capable of delivering the best market research, analysis and strategy support available. They do exactly that, bringing high quality assistance and advice to a large number of knowledge-based organizations in the fields of education, science, technology and many others.

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