• Walter Reissman on Investing

  • Posted on April 30, 2017
  • Walter Reissman is well known for possessing a unique and valuable perspective on the challenges and the issues that virtually always face investment banker, including dealing with the problem of market fluctuation and other factors that no one can control. He also is an acknowledged expert when it comes to issues that almost always hit start-ups and microcap companies. Most of the knowledge he possesses come out of his participation in so many investments. To date, Walter Reissman has been an active participant in more than $80 million in corporate finance transactions at almost every level. These include active participation in M&A, private placement, PIPEs, reverse mergers, IPOs and many other complex transaction.

    While Walter Reissman is currently largely focused on the U.S. real estate market, his overall experience has included deals all over the world, including China, Israel, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Panama, as well as the United States, which means his knowledge is international in scope. Even now, with his concentration on real estate in the States, Walter Reissman still serves as a principal with Marketwise Trading, a firm that delivers market research, analysis and strategy support to many knowledge-based organizations, including those in the fields of education, science, technology and others. Therefore, in addition to learning as much as possible himself, he is still able to teach others how to do what he does.

    In addition to his expertise in the investment realm, Walter Reissman has grown into a highly respected art collector with a very impressive art work that he is apparently happy to share, since he has placed many important pieces of art in museums and private collections worldwide. Walter is a very spiritual person, who has been described as eccentric, artistic and creative and who likes to keep physically fit by walking, hiking and weightlifting.

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